How to Diet and Lose Weight Fast - 9 Tips to Slash Your Body Fat

If you want to know how to diet and lose weight fast - don't diet, just eat, and eat smart to live.

The best way to lose weight is to get your nutrition in order and prepare your meals well. If you make this change and do it consistently, it will become a habit that will last forever and for the better.

And the key to lowering your body fat is to reduce your intake of foods high in saturated fat - that is reduce (not cut out completely) the amount of junk food, fast foods and sugary drinks you consume.

Below are tips to help you eat right, train effectively and lose weight fast -

How to Diet and Lose Weight Fast

  1. Eating to lose weight is easier than you think. All the foods you need are at the local supermarket. It's just a matter of buying fresh, wholesome foods like fruits, vegetables, lean fat mean, raw nuts, skinless poultry and fish.
  2. Prepare your shopping list, cook your meals in advance and take note of the foods you eat daily. No excuse here, know what you are putting into your body - preparation is the key to preventing you from eating out - and helping you save money.
  3. To replace saturated fats in your diet, eat more of the following - they're low in saturated fats, higher in poly and mono-saturated fast (the good kinds of fat) and are great sources of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.
    • Wholegrain bread and pasta
    • wholegrain cereals
    • legumes
    • 2 servings of Fruits daily
    • 5 servings of Vegetables daily
  4. Enjoy your treats in moderation - losing weight should not be about deprivation. So if you must have that mud cake, have 1 slice or go for the low fat kind of cake. Eating should be enjoyable and essential to a healthy life - and keeps your weight loss plan going.
  5. Eat in controlled portions - and never eat more than 1 serving at each meal. The best way to do this is plan for 6 healthy mini meals a day - and you'll never go hungry.
  6. Get your family and friends involved. Having a support group keeps you accountable for your own actions and more importantly focused on your goals.
  7. Get physical, and workout hard. None of this, 2 hour gym session taking it easy with light feather weights or walking on a tread mill. Why? It will be a waste of your time and effort. The best kind of workout is the high intensity kind - where it incorporates high variable intensity training that includes challenging resistance training. The best part is - it only requires less than 45 minutes to stimulate your fat burning metabolism. It's simple the form of exercise to lose body fat and tone your body, for both men and women. If you need workouts and nutrition facts that will show you how to diet and lose weight fast, visit The Truth About Six Pack Abs - it just covers every aspect of healthy eating, and has the most effective workouts to help you lose weight.
  8. Say no to beverages. Drinks that are high in sugar is simply not healthy. So avoid the all kinds of soda and the diet kinds too. Best yet, drink water, green tea and low fat smoothies.
  9. Be patient, and just think healthy. You did not gain weight over night, so you can't expect to lose weight now. Plan small goals each week, and just be realistic.